Right to play


Right to play was a project which brought together world class athletes and children from the village of Berceni on the 29th of November and 1st of December 2010. 5 students from Rotterdam, Netherlands volunteered to play with all the 300 kids from the Berceni school, aged between 1st grade and 8th grade. In a short encounter, the Sportive Club Berceni players were encouraged to fight for their dreams and to work hard. Before coming to Berceni, our friends raised money for sweets and clothes donations in order to support the children from the villages.

A big thank you to: Jeroen Hertzberger, Rogier Hofman, Quirijn Caspers, Faisal Achlioui, Hidde Kruize for your efforts and your patience. The children can’t wait for another play day. 

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