Centru comunitar

Obiectivele proiectului

The multifunctional building, care will include training facilities, professional kitchen, as well as meet up and the gym will serve the purposes:

  • Both literature and language books are available, which, in time, will drive up the literacy rates and the proficiency in foreign languages.
  • Computer access and access to the internet, for computers afterhours and summer classes.
  • Classrooms for summer and afterhours classes. By supporting children in their homework, we hope to improve grades and bring about a better understanding of the subjects.
  • Improved healthy living and hygiene through hygiene classes

Past attempts of financing

In 2009, Second Chance rented from Mayor Office 2600m^2 of land in Berceni. Architectural and technical plans were drawn and all necessary approvals were obtained in order to apply to get EU funds for our project.

After a long and difficult process that took one year, in 2010 Second Chance project „Community Center” was declared eligible and obtain points. Being the only NGO in Prahova District with maximum of points obtained for this project, we were extremely optimistic about getting the funds immediately. However, the Authorities decided to direct funds only to projects run by Mayor Offices. Second Chance Building Better Futures tried to change this discriminatory decision, by having meetings with the Government Officials and Ministers in charge. Also letters were sent to all EU Commissions and local Authorities in order that this procedure and allocation of the funds will be checked. CNCD (The National Council of Preventing Discrimination) recognized the problem but despite all our efforts the project did not received the funds.

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