1st of July

1st OF JUNE 2011

Second Chance decided to keep alive the tradition of the activities that celebrates the Children’s Day. This time we organized an event which involved every child of the local schools and kindergartens. On the sunny day of 1st of June we organized children’s parades together with their teachers in every village of the community. The well-known activities of the community were seen in the parade as the Sportiv Club Berceni, the theatre team, the dances team walked the streets.

The parade was full of joy, laugh, music and in the end all the children gathered around in the sports field where they danced a traditional dance (hora) and had a lot of fun, singing and dancing. That day each child received sweets, juice, ice cream and nice presents from ING Holland (partner with the Inocenti Foundation).

The event was organized with the help of our local partners: teachers from the local schools, local volunteers, local police, members of the county counseil and the mayor’s office, the soccer team of Berceni, local companies and the local doctor.

A big thank you to ING Holland and the Inocenti Foundation. 

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