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Christmas 2009


On December 12, 2009, Second Chance threw its 7th annual Christmas Party for needy families (1000 people!) registered with the Berceni community`s social services office. These are families with little to no income, who live in tiny homes with no heat or running water, and who are unable to provide gifts or holiday food for their children. Second Chance seeks to brighten their holiday by providing them with a traditional meal, activities and entertainment, and a gift for each child from Santa. Every family is also provided with bags of food to help sustain them over the winter months. The Christmas Party has become a tradition which the villagers eagerly anticipate, while our volunteers have the satisfaction of bringing holiday cheer into their lives. Additionally, we have trained and supervised residents of the community to help plan and implement the full-day event. This encourages volunteerism on their part, while enabling them to take pride in their cultural traditions. At this year`s party, we were thrilled to discover that the middle school students had prepared and delivered speeches in English, while also performing a variety of Romanian folk dances, for the entertainment of villagers and volunteers alike. We have learned from experience that this event strengthens social relationships in the village and creates a better understanding of the plight of the poorest residents.

Foto from the event here.

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