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Donate money

You can support us financially by making a donation. We are a registered charity under Romanian law.

Asociatia Second Chance
Address: Sat Berceni no. 64
Comuna Berceni, Jud. Prahova
Postal Code: 107060
Tax Code: 15333542
Romanian International Bank
Account Numbers
RON (Lei) RO16ROIN1000323700098455
EURO RO16ROIN1000323700119310
Swift Code: ROINROBU

Donate goods & services

If you have or can collect some new or gently used materials please contact us. Examples of donations include: If you or your company can offer services such as transportation of goods, printing of marketing materials, consulting on financial, legal or other issues, … we would be glad to hear it. Please contact us.
We have brochures, photos and presentations available and have experience with presenting our organization to companies, organizations, and individuals. We are also available to provide interested parties with a tour of Berceni; highlighting current living conditions and the efforts of Second Chance Charity.

Donate 2% of your income taxes

Redirect 2% of your taxes and give a Second Chance to Berceni Village Community!

Download and fill in the 230 form ( or 200 if you have other sources of income besides salary ) send the form by MAY 15 to the Financial Administration you are allocated to. For Bucharest & counties click here: